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Woman on laptop in wine barPicture this…

It’s Friday night and your chaotic week is over. Time to kick back with a well-deserved glass of merlot.

With each sip, the stress of your week slips away. Suddenly, you’re inclined to thank the winery on their Facebook page for this welcomed serenity.

But you don’t get far. They’re not on Facebook. Or Twitter. Or Pinterest. Where are they? Surely a product that makes you feel this good has to exist in the social realm?!

You can’t help but question the brand’s credibility. You never get to boast about the wine, and chances are, you won’t buy it again…

Fact: People love talking about their favourite products

If your product is on a retail shelf, it needs to be online. This is especially true in the food and beverage industry because people love talking about food & wine.

Brands that avoid social media lose an enormous opportunity to build relationships and engage those who want to share a positive word about their product.

The #1 reason people buy wine is personal recommendations

Consumers no longer care about what “wine experts” have to say; they care about what their friends are saying. When it comes to the food & wine niche, people are influencing purchasing decisions.

Where are people talking in 2013?

Facebook & Twitter—The two front-runners of social media

Facebook is vital to the wine industry because it’s visual. Nothing encourages a consumer more than a mouthwatering photo of a big glass of wine. On Facebook, wineries can upload images of new products, post product videos and interact with loyal wine consumers on a daily basis.

Facebook’s new graph search lets consumers search brands that their friends and families are talking about. The need for brand ambassadors has never been so strong.

Twitter is great for conversation. Brands can create a following and connect with consumers by tweeting the latest wine news, promoting products & hosting real-time events.

Twitter’s strength is the power to create sizable communities as targeted as your brand requires.

What’s the bottom line? Relationships sell wine. And relationships are easily built on social media. Fans want to buzz—You just have to give them the opportunity.



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