How to Respond to Negative Feedback

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Social media is a necessary marketing tactic these days —So why do some companies avoid it like the plague?

The culprit? Negative comments and feedback. Clients are terrified of it. YOU may be terrified of it!

Why? FEAR of jeopardizing your brand image.

It’s a legitimate concern. But rest assured, one snarky remark on Facebook or complaint on your Twitter feed is not enough to ruin your reputation. Now, before burying your head in the digital sand, take a deep breath and understand that negative feedback is simply a part of social media!

It’s how you handle the negative feedback that really makes the difference

At Lyra Communications, we swear by 3 simple tips:

  1.  Respond swiftly – This instantly removes tension from the situation
  2. Do not delete negative feedback – Let it exist and reply with sincerity
  3. Take the problem offline – Provide the user with an e-mail to get in touch

More recently, we’ve added a new tip to that list:

  •  Let it be

In some situations, NOT getting involved is your best bet. Here is a great example of what we mean:

Toemar (our client) sponsors a charity every month. While we see it as a wonderful endeavor, one of their Facebook fans did not and let us know by commenting on Toemar’s Facebook timeline. But this is where it pays off to have a supportive Facebook community!

Instead of diving into the discussion right away to defend Toemar, potentially creating more of an issue, we chose to wait it out and let it be. After all, criticism is an important part of dialogue, right?

In the meantime, Toemar’s followers stepped in and came to their defense…

With so much support, we didn’t have to say a thing, and the situation resolved on its own.

The Bottom Line

The reality is negative feedback will happen to every single brand using social media. It’s inevitable.

But never let it deter you from taking advantage of your marketing opportunities. There is always a way to turn a negative situation around—You just have to take a deep breath and find it.



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