why are my social media numbers so low

Why Your Social Media Reach is Declining & What It Means To Your Brand

Everyone who’s seen a big decrease in organic reach on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, raise your hand! Um-hm. Just what I thought: All of you. This blog explores what’s behind these falling numbers and what you can do to beat them.
We are all experiencing a huge shift in results right now – particularly on those three networks – and today I’m going to fill you in on why this is happening and reassure you that you’re not alone.

Why social media fails

Why Your Social Media Isn’t Working #REALTALK

Give me dollar for every non-client who’s said “We’re seeing great numbers on our digital but it’s not translating into business,” and I’d be wealthy enough that I wouldn’t have to blog for a living!
But it’s a good question, really, it’s the KEY question that is both necessary for buyers to ask, and frustrating for digital agency owners to answer.

Why is it Frustrating & What’s the Damn Answer?

how to recycle content for your social medai

How To Save Time By Recycling Content

Why Leveraging Your Content 100 Different Ways Is Key To Winning At Social Media…
If the core of your business isn’t creating content, it can be an arduous process. Isn’t that a nice way of saying it can be a total pain in the… neck?

 If you have already produced a lot of content, it’s time to find new ways to share it with your customers and a wider audience, otherwise known as your potential customers.