Why You Should Never – Ever – Use Your Brochure Copy For Your Website

Writing for the web and for print are totally different for three main reasons:

Web culture and real-life business culture are different. We have different expectations about how a business will interact online than we do in real life. The online world is more casual so your copy must welcome the conversation!
People don’t read online. They skim. If you write your website the way you’d write your brochure, you’ll lose your visitor. It’s not your fault – it’s just harder to read on a screen.
Unlike readers holding a printed page (I love those people), online readers aren’t committed. They have less patience and will quickly bounce off your page if they’re not constantly engaged.

Of course my best advice to you is don’t stress – hire a professional!! But if you insist on going it alone, if you’re determined, then let me share a few tricks that only the top copywriters know.

Ten tips that will help you write better online copy: