Blogging Realities that Motivate

Blogging is tough enough. Why let these five myths get the better of you? Here’s a reality check to keep you motivated:

Blogging Myth #1: There are too many blogs. I can’t compete.

Technorati keeps a running tab of the number of blogs on the net. According to the last count: 133 million. Now here’s the good news: 95% of those blogs haven’t been updated in FOUR MONTHS. That means there are only seven million active blogs online. If you’ve updated your blog even once over the last 16 weeks, you’re in the 95th percentile! Hurrah for you! 0-95 in the time it takes to press ‘publish’.

Links To Keep You Blogging

One of the biggest blogging challenges is creating fresh content over the long term, but what happens when you hit writer’s block? Perhaps after 60 posts on green cleaning products, you’re all greened out?

When this happens (and it will!) it’s time to hit the virtual library. From the top headlines to the thankfully obscure, these links will provide fresh content you can write about: