The best part about social media is that you can measure the results in real terms…

Over 30% of Derek’s new files come from the web

social media for Derek Wilson Personal Injury Law

The Issue

A personal injury law firm in Southwestern Ontario, Derek Wilson Personal Injury Law had a big job: To differentiate itself from it’s (larger) competitors and out-market them in a super-competitive environment without spending oodles of money.

The Solution

Working in tandem with our strategic partner, Agency5, Lyra Communications designed a hyper-targeted combined SEO + social media program to boost both the amount and the quality of web inquiries.

The Result

In 2014 and 2015, 25% of new files came from the web. In 2016 that number rose to over 30% and has remained steady in 2017.  And, as the amount of inquiries increases year over year (60%), the quality of files also improves because the client can choose their clients more carefully.

A Few Well-Researched Success Tricks