Your client googles your name: What comes up first?
LinkedIn Training

Our corporate package covers off the three critical areas of LinkedIn:

  • Company profile page
  • Professionally written profiles for each team member that will reinforce your company’s brand
  • One team LinkedIn training session focused on engagement strategies for those who wish to use their profile to retain clients & support business development

The beauty of our program is that it transforms the image of your entire team online and empowers individual employees to support your sales goals. Fees are based on a per person basis (5 minimum) and are streamlined to be attractive to small and mid-sized companies.

Are you ready to harness the power of LinkedIn?

LinkedIn Images

“Kim helped me rebuild my web and LinkedIn presence with fresh ideas, good copywriting and superlative work from concept to final output. Her work with both my website and LinkedIn helped me to grow my business network and attract new customers within the first few months.”
Vlad Zhitnikov, CEO Cloud IT! (CIT Corp.)