LinkedIn For Lawyers

Why Is LinkedIn Perfect For Lawyers?

⇒  Showcase your expertise

⇒  Build trust with your prospects and clients

⇒  Dramatically raise your visibility to key people

⇒  Expand your network

⇒  Generate opportunities


Why work with Lyra Communications?

⇒  Experience with lawyers and professional service people

⇒  Background in copy writing & compliance

⇒  High quality, professionally written content

⇒  Experience with issues management (online & offline)

⇒  Results driven program that works

| 500 Million Professionals Use LinkedIn | 4/5 Are Decision Makers | Twice The Buying Power of Other Online Audiences | #1 Rated B2B Platform | 93% of Lawyers Use LinkedIn | VERY Few Use It Well |

Sources: LinkedIn, 2016 ABA Legal Technology Survey

STEP ONE: We Develop Your New Profile

First we make you look good. We rewrite and design your LinkedIn profile to make sure it’s professional, on-message, and effective. We can do this for one lawyer, or for every lawyer in the firm.

STEP TWO: We Write Professional Content To Boost Your Visibility

Next, we write content that supports either your practice goals or the firm’s goals. Your content will be thoughtful, well-researched, professionally edited and all you need to do is review it once per month.

STEP THREE: We Post Your Content Every Day So You Look Great

Once you’ve approved your LinkedIn content, we will post a status update every day and manage your LinkedIn activity. For an additional fee, we can even build out your network within your target market and proactively reach out to your targets in a 100% compliant and elegant way.

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