“I learned more in a short meeting with Kim than I had in the previous 6 months working on my own. The best part is, she taught me to work with social media as it relates to my business model and immediately it all made sense. I’ve seen the benefits already”

-Duncan Fremlin, Broker, RE/MAX Hallmark Realty Ltd

Bring Your Social In House With The Right Training

Perhaps you’re a large company and your goal is to bring your social in house as your team grows. Or you could be a small business who can’t afford to outsource your social and want to give it a shot with existing staff.

There’s no need to go it alone! Training is the answer

Lyra Communications offers different training options, both in house and virtual, group and one to one, that will give your internal team the skills it needs to make your brand look great online.

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All Our Training  Options Cover The Top 20 Things Your Competitors Aren’t Doing

We share software secrets, white hat strategies, time saving tricks and content writing recipes that make all the difference in the world of social media success. Your competitors have no idea because these are things we’ve learnt from running one of Toronto’s most successful and longstanding social media agencies.

Individual Intensive Social Media Training

Starting at $550.00 USD

We train executives to be proficient in Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest and secondary networks Houzz and Polyvore. Training begins with an initial 2.5 hour session and one, one-hour follow up call to review progress. Training happens in person or via Google Hangout focusing on 1-2 social media networks. We’ll cover seeding communities, content tips,  engagement and measurement.

Small Group Social Media Training

Starting at $775.00 USD

Some things are better with friends. We train on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Google+. A small group consists of between 2-5 people. When covering two networks (the max), this program consists of a half-day session in person or two 1.5 hour group webinars, plus a one-hour follow up conference call to assess progress and discuss challenges. We cover seeding communities, content tips, engagement tactics and measurement.

Freelance writer working on social media campaign

Individual WordPress Training

Starting at $555.00 USD

WordPress allows you to manage our own online presence – provide you know what you’re doing! We’ve partnered with WordPress trainer, Andy Bush, to develop a program that teaches you the basics. In one 2.5 hour session and one hour follow up call, we’ll show you how to post your own blog, add images to your site, build new pages, manage plugins and updates and view traffic to your site. This program is delivered virtually to your office anywhere in the world!

LinkedIn Half-Day Group Training

Starting at $1499.00 USD

group social media training picWe’ve trained sales teams and executives from all across the country on LinkedIn.

Our proven program focuses on two areas:

  1. Creating the right profile
  2. Effective engagement strategies

Groups must consist of a minimum of five people and can go as high as you wish! Although this program is delivered keynote style, participants are encouraged to bring laptops and work as we go. This course is well-suited to both power users and beginners.

Ready to chat about getting your team up to speed on social media?

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