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  • Decide where you lie on a scale of 1 to 10

  • Question 1

    10 = We have a defined social media strategy with clear and measurable objectives
  • Question 2

    10 = The person executing our social media is very skilled and understands our brand and social media best practices
  • Question 3

    10 = We post on social media consistently and frequently
  • Question 4

    10 = We have a step-by-step blueprint of exactly what we should be doing on social and we follow it
  • Question 5

    10 = Our content is strategically developed to reflect our brand with business objectives in mind
  • Question 6

    10 = Our follower and fan numbers are growing each month on all of our platforms
  • Question 7

    10 = We understand how to convert conversations on social media to new business opportunities
  • Question 8

    10 = We get new business from our social media
  • Question 9

    10 = We are carefully measuring our social media results on a monthly basis
  • Question 10

    10 = I feel great about our social media and don’t think we need to do more
  • Question 11

    10 = The person doing our social understands our business objectives
  • Question 12

    10 = Our social media drives traffic to our website
  • Question 13

    10 = We have time to successfully manage and get results from our social
  • Your Score

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