The copyright for all final copy written for you by Lyra will belong to you on full payment. We reserve the right to display our work for promotional purposes. If you’re not happy with our work, we’ll issue a full refund and the copyright will revert to Lyra.

Changes in scope

Estimates pertain to the initial outline of the project. Revisions or additions due to a change in scope will be billed an hourly rate. No additional work will commence without your knowledge and consent.


Retained social media programs require a 12-month commitment and are billed monthly (see below.) Because we write your content in advance, after the initial 12-month period, we require 30 days notice to cancel a subscription.

Payment methods

Single Projects: Lyra bills 50% at the beginning of the engagement, 25% midway through (we’ll agree on the date before we commence working) and 25% on completion but prior to the final revision process.

Retainer programs:  Lyra bills on the first of 1st of the month.

We accept Visa, M/C, cheques (post-dated and made out to Lyra Communications Corp.), paypal and Interac email money transfers.


Work will not commence until Lyra receives the first installment  which will be treated as a non-refundable retainer.


Our writers are happy to provide light research, but clients are expected to provide 75% of the research material necessary to complete assignments. Additional research or interviews outside of what’s been agreed to will be billed on top of the initial engagement fee (but never without your consent ahead of time.)


You’re entitled to one set of revisions and one full rewrite if you’re not happy with your work.

What Happens on Stat Holidays?

Lyra Communications closes on stat holidays but that doesn’t mean your program will pause.

All scheduled content will continue to post (Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Blogs)

There will be no manual posting or shares on stat holidays (Instagram, Polyvore, Google+ shares, retweets, regrams, etc.)

We will continue to monitor feeds for potential issues, but we will not respond to general comments until we reopen.