You would be amazed at how many people want to engage a brand representative, share stories and ask questions!


What is a Twitter Party?

A Twitter party is a one-hour online conversation, moderated either by a brand or (more effectively) an influential blogger/host. Although anybody on Twitter can attend, in order to win prizes (a key element of a successful Twitter party) attendees must RSVP.

The conversation is tracked through clever use of #hashtags, and the moderator is skilled at keeping the party on message.



Why Hire Lyra to organize Your Twitter Party?

attending an online twitter partyWe know the best Twitter party moderators/hosts, based on your target demographic

We work with moderators to build your feed prior to the Twitter party

We’re skilled communicators. Our clients are comfortable with our acting as the brand spokesperson on Twitter. This is critical because a highly engaging brand rep makes all the difference.

Analytics. Measurement is key and our strategic partners know their numbers and how to present those numbers so they make sense. A successful Twitter party will generate millions of impressions before, during and after the twitter party.

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Case Study – Kisko Freezies


In May 2013, Kisko Freezies worked with Lyra Communications to organize a Twitter party. The objective was to raise awareness that Kisko Freezies, a seasonal item, were hitting grocery store shelves.

Lyra worked with a local Twitter party provider, LinkedMoms, who specialize in reaching that all-important mommy blogger demographic. Together we built up Kisko’s following, reached out to influencers to build the RSVP list, and promoted the party.

LinkedMoms hosted and moderated the party, while Lyra Communications acted as the brand spokesperson actively engaging attendees, answering questions and monitoring comments.

The party was a smash success with approximately 5 million hits over 24 hours. Attendees were engaged and happily shared childhood stories about freezies, favourite flavours and where to buy them that were readily retweeted to hundreds of thousands of followers.

The client was thrilled with the results. Their marketing agency of record, Yellowhouse Events, was thrilled with the results. The best part? The ROI continues as Kisko’s Twitter community remains actively engaged months later.