Thanks for clicking on my twitter url and welcome to my site!

I’m Kim McLaughlin and I’m the smile behind @lyracomm. I’m a social media flack and copy writer by training and passionate about them both!

I love to think about communications – especially how social media has changed all the rules of PR and communications. You see, my background is in strategic PR  (I used to be a political staffer!)  but social media is my thing, my one true love.


I decided to write lyrablog because I found that many of my clients were misinformed about social media.

There’s so much pressure for companies to jump on the bandwagon, but the the bottom line is that social media isn’t a tactic you can simply throw money at and expect to see instant returns. It takes strategy, coordination and commitment.  I really try to infuse common sense into my posts so that my clients have realistic expectations and don’t get caught up in the social media bubble.

My tweets

I tweet mostly about social media. I found twitter an incredible source of information when I was getting started so I try to give back by sharing anything I find useful or relevant. I occasionally tweet personal things – events I’m attending or cool people I’ve met with. I try to keep it focused but I can’t resist posting a good joke, video or story. If you’re not laughing, you’re not living!

Lyra Communications

We started as a team of one (yours truly) and over the last six years, have expanded to a core team of four. We practice what we preach: We are 100% virtual and we have the best social media of any of competitors.

I see Lyra as a social media resource for B2C mid-sized companies  to help them retain clients, expand their online brand and build revenue.

Personally, I understand the corporate world of communications but I also understand social media culture.

My goal is to breathe new life into my clients’ brands using strategic social media and fresh professional content.